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The events that unfolded after my dad passed away shaped the person I am today. His death caused my mom, brother, and I to be eternally close and rely on each other throughout our lives. It brought about my deep appreciation for my mom and an early awareness of the unique struggles that women face. It pushed me to believe that if my dad — a brown, non-Christian, immigrant man — could be successful in Oklahoma in the 80’s and 90’s, then I can surely do anything as well. It taught me that the unexpected can always happen, and resilience and strength are fundamental to survival.

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Day 7: Crown Chakra

We conclude our chakra series with the crown chakra, the peak of our enlightenment. Sahasrara is the Sanskrit word for the crown chakra and means “1000 petaled,” representing a lotus blossom. Lotus blossoms have great significance in Hindu and Buddhist teachings. Something so beautiful is able to bloom out of the muddy depths of water, showing that in life, we can rise through struggle and adversity to achieve enlightenment.

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