Day 5: Throat Chakra

By aligning our first four chakras, we now understand our true selves, but in order to speak our truth, we need to align the throat chakra (vishuddha). The throat chakra represents the the bridge between emotions (heart) and wisdom (third eye).

In Sanskrit vishuddha means purification, meaning we want to express our pure thoughts, rather than deceive ourself or others. Communication is not only speaking, but also facial expressions, artistic expressions, body language, singing, and more.

Throat Chakra.png


Location: Throat

Color: Light blue

Element: Space

Affected by: Communication and expression

When balanced you feel: Able to speak your truth, true to yourself

When imbalanced you feel: Unable to express your true feelings, unable to listen, overly talkative, overly critical, prone to lying

Bija mantra: “HUM”


Today’s practice will focus on breathing exercises and chanting to active our ears and throat.

Come to a comfortable seat and close your eyes. Activate your breath by constricting the back of your throat to create a deep, ocean-like sound. This is ujjayi breath or victorious breath.

Take ten breaths like this.

[Inhale, exhale…]

Now, on your next exhale, open your eyes, stick your tongue and let out a big sigh for lion’s breath.

Inhale, close your eyes. Exhale, stick your tongue, open your eyes wide and sigh let it out. Repeat one more time.

Return to your ujjayi breathing here. We’ll now turn to listening to the sound of HUM for another 3 minutes. You can close your eyes and simply listen or chant along if you feel comfortable.

Source: HUM track sourced from Meditative Mind on YouTube


Everyday ways to connect:

  • Singing, chanting, humming

  • Daily affirmations

  • Journaling (writing your beliefs out)

  • Ujjayi breathing (ocean-like breathing)

Yoga poses:

Practice poses that activate your thyroids to balance the throat chakra

  • Simhasana (Lion’s breath)

  • Ustrasana (camel)

  • Halasana (plow)

  • Setu bandha sarvangasana (shoulder stand)

Foods that nourish:

  • Blue foods (blueberries, blackberries)

  • Soothing foods and liquids (honey, coconut water, herbal teas, lemon)