Day 7: Crown Chakra

Today is the last day of the 7 day meditation challenge. Thank you to all of you who participated! I hope that meditating (or even thinking about meditation) has inspired you to keep practicing.

We conclude our chakra series with the crown chakra, the peak of our enlightenment. Sahasrara is the Sanskrit word for the crown chakra and means “1000 petaled,” representing a lotus blossom. Lotus blossoms have great significance in Hindu and Buddhist teachings. Something so beautiful is able to bloom out of the muddy depths of water, showing that in life, we can rise through struggle and adversity to achieve enlightenment.

Talk of spiritual enlightenment seem daunting? We live in a real world, where we are faced with many challenges and it’s difficult to detach from all of this. The point is, we are training ourselves to be kind to those around us because we recognize that we are part of a network of all living beings. To show empathy, love, wisdom in the face of life’s more challenging moments.

Crown Chakra


Location: Top of your head

Color: White (a beautiful melding of all colors like a prism reflecting the rainbow)

Element: Some say there is no element and others say its cosmic energy / space (it’s everywhere and therefore nowhere)

Affected by: Connecting with a higher power

When balanced you feel: Liberated, connected with higher consciousness, ecstatic, blissful

When imbalanced you feel: living in your head, disconnected from your body, cynical, close minded to other’s beliefs

Bija mantra: “OM” or “AH”



Come to a comfortable seat and close your eyes. Bring your hands to prayer at your heart center. Take an inhale here. Deep exhale to release.

Inhale, lift your prayer above your head, reaching your finger tips to the sky. On your exhale, bring your prayer back to your heart center. Inhale, lift the prayer up to the sky. Exhale, hands to heart center. Repeat here for five more breaths, moving with your breath.

[Inhale, exhale…]

Bring your hands back to heart center, and lightly bow, honoring that divine light within you. Relax your hands now.

Take three more normal breaths on your own. Inhaling and exhaling at your own pace.

[Inhale, exhale…]

We’ll begin with one OM together. Inhale here. OM.

Now visualize a beautiful white lotus blossom floating at the edge of a pond. The lotus blossom is large - larger than a dinner plate. Take a moment to appreciate its beauty.

Now imagine that you can look under the water at its roots. You see mud, rocks, algae, various fish. So many things make up the pond ecosystem, yet the lotus is able to root down amidst all of them. This is life as well. We coexist with so many people in various habitats. We have to make our space and take root to bloom, just like the lotus. Tell yourself, I am one with the universe.

Take 5 breaths here to repeat that phrase to yourself.

[Inhale, exhale…]

Now as you look closer at the lotus, you see that it has 1,000 petals, stacked within dozens of layers. Each petal, small and perfect. Each petal represents a step we must take to reach enlightenment. A path that takes time, but will make us kinder and more compassionate people. Tell yourself, I am here to make a difference.

Take 5 breaths here to repeat that phrase to yourself.

[Inhale, exhale…]

We’ll close with one more OM together. Inhale. OM.



Everyday ways to connect:

  • Reading poetry

  • Watching the sun set

  • Listening to music

Yoga poses:

  • Vriksasana (tree)

  • Padmasana (seated lotus)

  • Sirsasana (headstand)

  • Savasana (corpse)

Foods that nourish:

  • Onion, ginger

  • Coconut

  • Fasting / detoxing are also of importance to the crown chakra

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